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Social Media

Social Media is becoming an ever increasing part of people’s lives. It has become the new norm and is a great way to help spread the word about important issues and topics. One way that you can help spread the word about our campaign is through the world of social media; and it is something you can do to help whether you live in District 33 or not. Here are just a few things you can do to help us spread the word about our campaign:

1. Follow us on twitter @DahmCampaign and retweet a few of our tweets or give us a follow friday #ff mention.

2. “Like” the official Nathan Dahm page on facebook and suggest that your friends like it as well.

3. Check out our youtube page and watch our videos. If someone comes to mind as you watch a specific video, forward it on to them.

4. Use the share feature to the right of this page to share the campaign site with those you think may be interested.

All of these things take a small amount of time, but can have a big influence. No matter how small you think your sphere of influence may be, you have a great impact on certain people’s lives. And even if they don’t live in Oklahoma’s Senate District 33, the message of freedom and liberty is an American message that rings true for all who hear it, so let’s spread the message as far and as often as we can. Thank you for your help!

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