Upcoming Volunteer Days

We are planning TWO HUGE Volunteer Days on August 16th and 18th. We plan on blanketing Senate District 33 with door knocking, lit drops, phone calls, signs and whatever other way we can get our message of limited Republican values out to the voters. With the clock ticking down to the runoff election we need all hands on deck and boots on the ground. If you can volunteer a few hours on either or both days, it will make a huge impact in this race. We have heard from many voters that they will be voting for Nathan just because we took the time knocked on their door or gave them a call instead of just filling up their mailbox. This campaign is about personal communication from Nathan and actual grassroots supporters taking the time to talk to the voters. Nathan has always said he is doing this to represent the people. Lets show him that the people are ready to do our part.

You can call us at (918) 615-2335 or send us a message at info@nathandahm.com to let us know when you can help.

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